Wednesday, July 9, 2008

settling in.

we have made so much progress in the house!

we replaced an ugly light fixture.
not ugly:
new tv stand,
new mirror for mantle,

moved old "tv stand" to serve as an entry way table,
(don't worry, neither door hits the table when opened)
(and could the display be more symmetrical?)

new computer desk,
new chair and ottoman.

we now await our final NFM delivery: a couch! it will complete our living room. and our house for now as we are calling it quits for awhile.

we love our home.

1 comment:

Ian said...

I love your home too! i randomly found your blog today, i can't believe it took me this long. i'm slow.

you can feel free to come decorate my home whenever we get into one that we're going to stay put in! :)

so beautiful!