Saturday, July 5, 2008

sweet land of liberty.

happy birthday, America!

colby and i watched fireworks at corporate woods this year - Star Spangled Spectacular, they call it. we didn't get to see fireworks last year since we were in the dominican republic. but maybe that's nothing to complain about.. the fireworks were really great - they had me ooh'ing and aah'ing. vendors come out, along with a live band to make it a day long celebration. we only made it out for the firework portion, though. we spent most of our day doing this:

hooray for our beautifully stained deck! i actually helped with this project. don't the rails look great? :)

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Kyla said...

meg, you're just becoming a domestic goddess. i love reading about your little home projects and kc/family adventures. i wish you were MY aunt! (but i'm awfully glad you're my friend:) miss you soooo much! xx