Thursday, July 10, 2008

a monumental birthday.

how creative am i?!?

our girl turns 1 on sunday! this is not only significant because it's her first birthday, but also because there was a point in time when we didn't think she would live to see this birthday. macy has been a joy to both colby and i's lives, and we're fortunate her mysterious illness that almost killed her has miraculously vanished.

i like to believe God has his eye on all his creatures on this earth, not only humans. my little youthfriend, Jordy, asked every week during macy's illness,"Is your dog dead yet?" (tactful, i know.) i'd always respond with "No, she's not. she's still very sick, but we're hoping for a miracle." one day, he had the sweetest response. he told me, "you know the movie 'All Dogs Go To Heaven?' .. yeah, I think your dog will be there." it was actually so very sweet, and i smiled about it all day long. i like to believe that i'll get to play with macy again in my life after earth. :)

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Emily and Drew Dischinger said...

We love our furry neice so much. We are so thankful that she is still with us to celebrate her first of many birthdays. We'll have a big party next year too!!!