Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat.

Happy Halloween!

we got trick-or-treaters! and what a perfect night for those kiddos to be walking door to door - the weather was perfect! i was so disappointed last year when i thought i was going to have my first halloween to pass out candy, and no one showed up. we were in an apartment, but still the place was hopping with children during the daytime - where did they all go on halloween night?

so now that we're in a HOUSE and in a NEIGHBORHOOD, i figured my chances were much higher. witches and monsters and princesses and harry potters and firemen on sugar-highs came a'knockin' with their pillowcases and pumpkin buckets for goodies. and as the night progressed, so did the age group that visited. and some even came without costumes - i should have denied them candy. the little ones are the cutest. my nieces, adele and elise - i mean, fancy nancy and fancy nancy - made an appearance, too. they were darling.

since the candy has dwindled away to nothing (minus a handful that i have saved for my youthfriend), we have closed our door and turned out our lights. that's how you get them to stop knocking, right?


Kyla said...

HAHAHAHA this is fantastic!

Kyla said...

and i hope you gave out the good candy. not tootsie rolls or generic bon bons.