Tuesday, October 14, 2008

our biggest project yet.

and we can finally call it DONE! 2 weeks start to finish may not sound like a long time. but try coming home to a centimeter layer of dust in your bedroom (and rest of the house for that matter!) every day. or piles of scraps and tools scattered throughout your bathroom. or a garage full of boxes barely leaving room for you to park. clutter and filth. constantly. it was enough to make me crazy!

colby painted the cabinets, and replaced old cabinet hardware. he also replaced hand towel racks and faucet plumbing. aannd the doorknobs and light fixture. bye bye silver and gold, hellllooooo bronze!

the shower. the rotting plastic base has been removed, and the entire area tiled! the wall/shower was also extended by several inches to maximize space. a corner seat, a small corner shelf, and indented wall shelf have been incorporated. a decorative trim, bronze fixtures, and a rain shower head complete the ensemble. and new white towels with a matching floormat! the glass was just installed yesterday, so the shower has not yet been tested - we had to wait 24 hours for it to dry.

our walls have gone from blue to tan. and the bathtub was retiled to coordinate with the shower. also, the small room off to the right, which houses our toilet, was painted the same color as our cabinets - spunky, eh? the painting above the tub was painted by colby's grandmother, and i think it looks great. colby was the first to give it a test-run: he took a bubble bath. :)

a bathroom remodel makes me feel middle aged.. but i sure am excited about it!

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Kyla said...

sooo pretty! i want to come use it.