Friday, May 30, 2008

apt. 203's newest resident.

this guy has been hanging out an inch from colby and i's front door for the past two days. i don't think it's moved an inch. it's gross, it's giant, and it scares me.

good thing we're getting a new front door in a week.. (eeEEEeeee!!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day weekend.

we had such a great 3-day weekend. my first extended weekend in awhile, and it was sure appreciated. on saturday, we had a cookout at drew and em's with the whole gang, which turned out to be really great weather after a chilly and rainy morning.

we also visited the dog park 3 times over the weekend, and macy finally swam! (without Colby tossing her in) she made us very proud "parents." :)

but macy's other newly acquired skill this weekend is not-so-lovable. she has become our little escape artist. we're not sure how, but each time we leave macy in her kennel, we come home to her looking out the living room window at us. inevitably, this also means that we came home to our kitchen trash scattered all over the living room, as well as a puppy with the runs for the remainder of the evening. :(