Monday, July 28, 2008

a Colorado Springs weekend.

something told me we weren't in kansas anymore..

massive and incredible, no? and look at that single tree up there!
we had such a nice weekend. we were in colorado springs for the weekend with colby's parents for bree's wedding. the brooks family is amazing - i finally met the whole clan! we had beautiful weather - a great escape from the midwestern muggy weather. the shade actually feels nice, and the evenings 20 degrees cooler than KC. we spent a small portion of saturday at the garden of the gods, pictured above with the giant orange rocky formations.

Friday, July 18, 2008

a birthday success.

macy approves of our new chair.

which one is cuter?

macy with one of her 4 new stuffed toys. we lined them all up in a row the morning of her birthday, and she had a ball. (they were all destroyed within 2 days.)

macy's birthday gift from her favorite cousin, lily!
lily joined us for the dog park and ice cream, too.

tuckered out. just the way we love her. :)
i would call it a successful birthday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

a monumental birthday.

how creative am i?!?

our girl turns 1 on sunday! this is not only significant because it's her first birthday, but also because there was a point in time when we didn't think she would live to see this birthday. macy has been a joy to both colby and i's lives, and we're fortunate her mysterious illness that almost killed her has miraculously vanished.

i like to believe God has his eye on all his creatures on this earth, not only humans. my little youthfriend, Jordy, asked every week during macy's illness,"Is your dog dead yet?" (tactful, i know.) i'd always respond with "No, she's not. she's still very sick, but we're hoping for a miracle." one day, he had the sweetest response. he told me, "you know the movie 'All Dogs Go To Heaven?' .. yeah, I think your dog will be there." it was actually so very sweet, and i smiled about it all day long. i like to believe that i'll get to play with macy again in my life after earth. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

settling in.

we have made so much progress in the house!

we replaced an ugly light fixture.
not ugly:
new tv stand,
new mirror for mantle,

moved old "tv stand" to serve as an entry way table,
(don't worry, neither door hits the table when opened)
(and could the display be more symmetrical?)

new computer desk,
new chair and ottoman.

we now await our final NFM delivery: a couch! it will complete our living room. and our house for now as we are calling it quits for awhile.

we love our home.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

sweet land of liberty.

happy birthday, America!

colby and i watched fireworks at corporate woods this year - Star Spangled Spectacular, they call it. we didn't get to see fireworks last year since we were in the dominican republic. but maybe that's nothing to complain about.. the fireworks were really great - they had me ooh'ing and aah'ing. vendors come out, along with a live band to make it a day long celebration. we only made it out for the firework portion, though. we spent most of our day doing this:

hooray for our beautifully stained deck! i actually helped with this project. don't the rails look great? :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

mile marker ONE.

colby and i celebrated 1 year of wedded bliss on monday. upon recommendation by drew & em, among others, we had dinner at Capital Grille at the plaza. many of you would be very surprised to hear that i ordered steak. and let me tell you.. it was incredible. i don't believe we have ever dined at a more expensive restaurant, but it was worth every penny. our table was covered in rose petals, and we were served complimentary champagne and a flourless chocolate cake (rich and delicious!) for our anniversary. and our steaks? sooo great. i had a kona sirloin, and colby a porterhouse. just about every 5 minutes one of us would comment about the bite we had just taken and how great it was. they may be seeing us again next year!

i can't believe it has been a year already! it has been a really fun and exciting first year of marriage. i think i'll keep him around for awhile.. ;)