Friday, September 26, 2008

naughty through and through.

our macy girl is rotten to the core. but let me tell you something i've learned about this pup: the satisfaction received from her few moments of forbidden pleasure exponentially exceeds any consequences (i.e. punishment) that she may later face.

in this particular case, we had been playing at the dog park. she took off running, and ran over a hill where i could not see her. after calling her over and over, and being ignored over and over, i decide to hike that way. a mud puddle. i find her belly-up rolling through the mud. MACY! NO! she hops up, take one look at me, and nose dives straight into the mud. and roooollllls, rolls, rolls.

our trip to the dog park ended right then and there.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

plaza art fair 2008.

this was the first thing that i did around kansas city after getting married and moving out here last summer. drew and em invited us to go with them one night last year, and we had such a great time - also known as my favorite fall event in KC.

recently, a news station proclaimed it to rank among the top 5 art festivals in the nation, bringing in more than 300,000 visitors over the 3 day weekend. the country club plaza closes down the streets, and are filled with hundreds of white tents. undoubtedly, many of those are filled with outstanding art - photography, paintings, pottery, jewelry, etc - none of which i could ever afford. i recently learned that over 1500 artists compete for a spot in the festival each year.

while i am fascinated by the talents of these amazing individuals, i also very much look forward to the social aspect of the weekend. restaurants located on the plaza (capitol grille and melting pot are among my favorites) also set up booths throughout the district, selling tasty eats and drinks for much less than you would pay dining in. to add to the ambiance is ongoing live music and perfect weather.

i went twice this year - once friday night with the jenkins for some dinner, drinks, and a leisure stroll to google art. and once saturday afternoon to snap a few photos, enjoy the atmosphere, and people-watch.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

yearbook yourself.







go ahead, give it a shot. yearbook yourself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

landscaping project numero dos.

Our Home, June 2008:
After Day 1 - everything planted, except holly:
After Day 2, mulch and holly in (notice Macy in the window):
After a good rain, fresh cut lawn, final product:
we took on another landscaping project a couple of weekends ago - this time in our front yard. the giant bushes with dead flowers along our sidewalk just were not doing it for us anymore. unfortunately, the only pictures i have from the front yard are from the spring, when the flowers are not brown, but it gives you an idea of the change. next spring, we will fill the empty areas with something colorful - an annual of some sort, perhaps.

in case you were wondering, but more because i'm proud that i can tell you, our final specimens include (from front to back): small grassy plants: liriope, the cute little tree: a prairie fire crabapple, the small bushes: english boxwoods, and the pyramidal bush closest to the front door: a chesapeake holly.

i must give partial credit to my gardening adviser: my mother-in-law who accompanied me as we traveled from nursery to nursery, and also to a charitable contributor: my grandfather-in-law, who gifted us with the holly. colby and i put in the labor (& dollars), and also picked out the tree which we are most excited about.

"A Tree for 4 Seasons: Even in the grayest months of winter, this remarkable tree is a feast for the eyes with dark red bark that resembles cherry. In May it explodes with crimson buds that open to purple-red flowers. Autumn brings bright orange leaves and shiny red fruit, a favorite of songbirds."

Monday, September 8, 2008

i miss bloomington in the fall.

i don't recall fall being my favorite of seasons as a child. in fact, i can guarantee summer was always my favorite. school's out, a family vacation to look forward to, going to grandma and grandpa's, backyard baseball with the neighbors, birthday parties at the pool, church camp, basketball camp, slumber parties with friends, and simply spending our summer days playing outside and gettin' a lil dirty.

not until i went away to college did i decide fall was my favorite. because, well, in bloomington.. how could you NOT love fall?

fall is upon us in kansas city, that is for sure. the AC is off, and the weather is cooling off quite rapidly. but i sure do miss bloomington this time of year.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

labor day weekend at the Ozarks.

thank God for long weekends. and for friends to spend it with. Brooke and Dave invited us to the lake for Labor Day weekend. luckily, this time around, we were able to go. that is, thanks to lily's willingness to share her pad for the weekend with her cousin, macy. (thanks drew & em!!!)

after only a 2.5 hour drive, we arrived at the Lake of the Ozarks - the Midwest's premier lake destination, as it is the largest man-made lake in the U.S. we spent most of our days in the sun and on the water. it was in the upper 80's and sunny all weekend long - i'd call it perfect for a weekend at the lake.

i even gave water-skiing a try. i think i may go pro. rumor has it that i'm pretty good for a beginner. we taught Brooke and Dave Euchre - an Indiana favorite, made chocolate chip waffles, and the boys played 18 holes one afternoon. we sure have come to love the two of them! i would say it was one great way to cap off summer.

i can't believe september is here already. i will be sad to see summer go, but fall has always been a favorite for both colby and i. next up, Plaza Art Fair!