Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat.

Happy Halloween!

we got trick-or-treaters! and what a perfect night for those kiddos to be walking door to door - the weather was perfect! i was so disappointed last year when i thought i was going to have my first halloween to pass out candy, and no one showed up. we were in an apartment, but still the place was hopping with children during the daytime - where did they all go on halloween night?

so now that we're in a HOUSE and in a NEIGHBORHOOD, i figured my chances were much higher. witches and monsters and princesses and harry potters and firemen on sugar-highs came a'knockin' with their pillowcases and pumpkin buckets for goodies. and as the night progressed, so did the age group that visited. and some even came without costumes - i should have denied them candy. the little ones are the cutest. my nieces, adele and elise - i mean, fancy nancy and fancy nancy - made an appearance, too. they were darling.

since the candy has dwindled away to nothing (minus a handful that i have saved for my youthfriend), we have closed our door and turned out our lights. that's how you get them to stop knocking, right?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

thank God for best friends.

aside from my immediate family, i have had no visitors in the first 15 months that i've made Kansas the place i work, live, and play in. dare i say, my "home." not yet, anyway. indiana still is dominating with possession of 22 of my 23 years of life.

last weekend, though, 2 of my favorite people in this world came to visit. i have a fairly extensive list of favorite people in this world, but these 2 girls have been on it longer than most. erin and i met in junior high, and were best friends by 9th grade. we went on to college together, and lived in an apartment together our last 3 years. claire and i met in 2nd grade, and have been friends ever since. although we attended separate universities, she has remained one of my closest friends. and both were my bridesmaids. :)

oh, how great it was to spend a weekend with my girls.

"The most beautiful discovery that true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."

thank God for best friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a fall day at the pumpkin patch.

what a great way to spend a fall afternoon - at the pumpkin patch! last weekend colby and i went to the pumpkin patch with drew, em, and ella. aside from the slim pickins on gords, it turned out to be a great saturday. i've decided that october is by far the best month. it seems to have the best weather - cool nights, and sunny days - jeans and sweater weather, chai tea lattes, pumpkin patches, and carving pumpkins, apple cider - hot and cold, changing leaves, football, fall-scented candles, etc.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

our biggest project yet.

and we can finally call it DONE! 2 weeks start to finish may not sound like a long time. but try coming home to a centimeter layer of dust in your bedroom (and rest of the house for that matter!) every day. or piles of scraps and tools scattered throughout your bathroom. or a garage full of boxes barely leaving room for you to park. clutter and filth. constantly. it was enough to make me crazy!

colby painted the cabinets, and replaced old cabinet hardware. he also replaced hand towel racks and faucet plumbing. aannd the doorknobs and light fixture. bye bye silver and gold, hellllooooo bronze!

the shower. the rotting plastic base has been removed, and the entire area tiled! the wall/shower was also extended by several inches to maximize space. a corner seat, a small corner shelf, and indented wall shelf have been incorporated. a decorative trim, bronze fixtures, and a rain shower head complete the ensemble. and new white towels with a matching floormat! the glass was just installed yesterday, so the shower has not yet been tested - we had to wait 24 hours for it to dry.

our walls have gone from blue to tan. and the bathtub was retiled to coordinate with the shower. also, the small room off to the right, which houses our toilet, was painted the same color as our cabinets - spunky, eh? the painting above the tub was painted by colby's grandmother, and i think it looks great. colby was the first to give it a test-run: he took a bubble bath. :)

a bathroom remodel makes me feel middle aged.. but i sure am excited about it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

the Kissane Farm.

i spent a weekend in the Hoosier state last week. it was the first visit since my dad has had his sheep. i love them! friendly creatures, they are. and hungry. if you aren't paying attention, they will sneak up behind you to nibble and pull at your clothing in hopes that your shirt tail is edible.

i really had such a pleasant weekend, filled with friends and family and great fall weather. colby stayed behind this time, but had his own fun with his siblings and their kiddos at the pumpkin patch.

oh yes, and shouting out a Happy Birthday to my daddy.
he's fift--- i mean THIRTY-nine today!

"hey meg, make sure you tell colby that this one here closest to me is Christmas dinner."

UGH. can't wait.