Saturday, April 11, 2009

meet Kirkwood.

thursday night we brought home our new puppy, Kirkwood.

they called it their valentine's litter, but they were actually born on feb 15th - the day after valentine's day. colby & i wanted to come up with something we could relate to IU for a name. since our first date was on kirkwood ave in bloomington on valentine's day, we found this to be a fitting, and cute boy name.

colby and i both have had a couple of sleepless nights, but you tend to get over that sort of thing when he's just so dang cute.

macy isn't sure what to think of her new brother. depending on the moment, she's either ecstatic to have another puppy around to rough house with.. OR, she's irritated that this new little guy came marching in and stole all of her toys and one-on-one attention.

here's a video of kirkwood working really hard to climb the scary stairs, while macy either a) is trying to play with her new brother, or b) trying to push him to his death. ;) i'll let you be the judge..



Baby Layton Johnson said...

Megs I am cracking up at your video!!! How cute was that! I loved it, I'm not quite sure if Macy was playing or trying to push poor Kirkwood to his death! I guess we will never know. He is adorable, a perfect fit for your family congrats on the new little guy!!! So now when it comes to baby making time it won't matter if you have a girl or a boy since you have one of each right now! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks, love ya girl

Kyla said...

He's so cute! I loved watching the video and hearing your voice when you scolded her...:)