Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring has finally sprung.

thank goodness, it has finally arrived!

first and foremost, we have left behind the 40's and 50's as highs. and i'm sure lovin' 60's and 70's! top it off with some sunshine, and it's a perfect day.

spring, here's what i love about you.

i love seeing tulips galore; they remind me of bloomington.
i love sitting in the [now green] grass and playing with my puppies.
i love that i can now go for runs outdoors.
i love that colby loves working hard in our yard to make it look nice.
i love all of the flowering trees, especially our crabapple we planted last fall.
i love that we have our first royals game of the season to look forward to next weekend.
i love driving with my windows down and music up.
i love leaving the house without a coat.
i love eating breakfast and dinners on the back porch with my husband.
i love opening the windows in our home and smelling the fresh air.