Thursday, May 21, 2009

our back yard.

colby and i spent the entire weekend outdoors. planting flowers, a couple of shrubs, and mulching - our final touches for the season. now we get to sit back and watch things grow! we could use a little help from mother nature.. 5 consecutive days of blazin' hot sun and no rain wasn't what we had in mind right after a weekend of planting. ;)

here are a few pictures of our back yard as it's finally coming together!

our new patio set - where we enjoyed nearly every meal of our weekend. :)
and i got 3 hanging baskets this year - aren't they cute?

colby put in the stone path and small shrub last month.
we've also planted some creeping jenny (clovery ground cover) within the stone wall that you can see if you look closely.

view from back right corner of yard.

view from back left corner of yard.

"i believe the view from your porch is better than the one from your couch."

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Kyla said...

so cute:)

i'm gonna see it in person this summer, even if it kills me.