Monday, July 13, 2009

now, what do you do?

my husband knows a lot of people. through teaching, coaching, and growing up in kansas city, there are a lot of people he meets on a regular basis. and so it goes that as his wife i get introduced to a lot of new people.

new person: "now, what is it that you do?"

me: *GROAN*

it's the dreaded, yet inevitable, conversation topic for all introductions. i like to throw out my job title, hoping the meaningless description will apease them.

me: "i'm a securities processing specialist for a small trust company here in town."

most of the time, it doesn't. they keep coming back for more.

new person: "so, what does that entail?"


me: "well, i currently work the trade desk, but that changes every now and then within my department."

new person: "so, you buy stocks?"

big sigh.

me: "it's a little complicated. our company is unique. we are not an advisor firm, we employ no financial advisors. we are not a broker, clients do not call trades in to us. we act as a custodian, owned by over a hundred advisor firms across the u.s. since we are not a broker, we use an outside broker as our sub-custodian to hold our company's assets. because of the incredible amount of business our sub-custodian receives from us, we are able to negotiate competetive account fees that are desirable by our advisor firms. that, and we are a very small company, which gives them very accessible client service advantages. we house all account types: IRA's, custody, trust, etc. and i work on the operations side, rather than administrative. as a broker does, we issue monthly statements of transactions (trades, dividends, corporate actions) that my operations department is responsible for posting."

long pause.

new person: "so, you buy stocks?"

me: "yes."


on thursday, i put in my two weeks notice at work. if you ask me how it went, i'll shamelessly tell you it was horrible. i cried during the entire meeting, then cried more friday morning during my follow-up.

mostly because there are some people that i will miss. a lot. but also because as an overall experience, it was a really great first job in the "real world." i will hit my two year mark with the company this week. to put it simply, there are definitely some things that i am ready to leave behind. and i'm very much looking forward to what is next.

so, what is next? two weeks from today i will be starting my new job at my brother-in-law's physical therapy clinic. i'm getting reeeally excited about it!

i can't wait to meet someone new and for them to ask, "now, what do you do?"


Kyla said...

i'm really, really, really excited for you:)

Colby said...

What a well written story. You should quit the new job and become a freelance author.

Leslee Dummermuth said...

I'm glad that now when people ask ME what you do, I'll actually know!!