Thursday, September 3, 2009

kitchen update.

we decided it was time to make some updates to our kitchen. new countertops, new sink, new backsplash .

phase one (countertops & sink) is now complete. we are very pleased with how it turned out. i do have to say, i was more excited about a new sink than i was the granite countertops. i've gone from a 6.5" and 6.5" deep sink to a 8" and 10" deep. not to mention, the finish was completely worn off from the last sink, so it absorbed stains before you ever had the chance to rinse it.

June 2008
September 2009

now don't you think that oven/stove is hideous? i think maybe it needs replacing.. it just doesn't belong. it's amazing how one thing leads to another. unfortunately, i think it will have to wait. what do you know, just this week colby's phone went capoot, and our dishwasher has stopped draining. so we have a couple of other more pressing expenses we will need to take care of first.

phase two (backsplash) is in progress. we've started removing some of the tile from our current backsplash. we hope to have the new backsplash installed by the end of the month!


Colby said...

gezz, who did you call for plumbing? They must of been really good. Who did all the demo too? They must be super strong.

Fentiman ~ Brumfield said...

Very nice! I started cracking up because when I looked at the 2nd picture I thought that the stove really stood out now! And yes your husband must be very handy to have around. Good job Colby.

Fentiman ~ Brumfield said...

Oh ya, and some red tupperware micro fiber towels would look really good in your kitchen as well! :)

Leslee Dummermuth said...

Looks great...but you are right, the stove really sticks out now. There is always something!!

Baby Layton Johnson said...

I LOVE IT :) Slightly jealous of the countertop though! It looks amazing. JJ and I are starting our big project in the fall, we are replacing our carpet w/ hardwood :) This way Laytons baby food is easy to wipe up, not to mention the many times I have had to wipe puke out of the carpet!!! The joys of babies :) Anyway, I can't wait to see the complete project!