Sunday, September 20, 2009

phase two.

our kitchen phase two update is now complete! we had the backsplash tiled this week.

the last picture gives you a close-up of our brick-like backsplash we chose. i'm in love with it. colby also installed under cabinet lighting, and you can see that well, too.

we are beyond pleased with how everything turned out. we had a few bumps along the way, and have developed a strong distaste for lowes as a result. we're just a home depot kind of family.

we've officially made a new oven our third, and final phase to our kitchen update. this will come sometime in the next few months. the white just really isn't working.


Kyla said...

OH MY GOSH!! It looks AMAZING! And you talked him into the oven, too? You really are a miracle worker! Love it Meg, it really is fantastic. Now I'll have to come back up to see if you cook as well in it:)

emptynester mom said...

You have a great worker man Meg! Beautiful kitchen! Would love to see it in person. Love, Martha

emptynester mom said...
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