Saturday, December 5, 2009

kirkwood and the tree.

it's a lost cause trying to keep the skirt unwrinkled, the ornaments ON the tree, the branches stretched full, and the tree upright. i constantly find the skirt wadded up, the ornaments on the floor, the branches flattened, and the tree leaning against the wall. for whatever reason, it's the perfect location to rough house with macy. or to plop a squat underneath to chew his toys. (he does make a pretty cute present, though.)

today i found him with his head stuffed in the tree chewing on one of his toy balls. maybe he was trying to hang his rubber glow in the dark ball up with the rest of the other ball-shaped ornaments?

i'm just thankful this small fake tree takes all the beating. this year, we cut down a 9.5 foot tree for our main display. if he sent that one tumbling, not only would it make a needley sticky mess, but it would go crashing into colby's beloved 42" flat screen tv. see? looking on the bright side of things.

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