Sunday, February 22, 2009


My family came to visit for the long Valentine's/Presidents Day weekend. It seems like we spent the entire weekend eating, but it was so great to have them here. My mom asked to see Nebraska Furniture Mart, so I documented her first visit in photograph form above. She loved it. This place is massive. There is no denying our love for this place - with the exception of our bedroom furniture set, every piece of furniture that we have purchased since we got married has come from NFM.

Just today, Colby and I purchased a patio set. My hope is that once we get it set up outdoors, it will send old man winter for a hike. (I can dream, right?)

Thank you, NFM, for our computer desk, chair and ottoman, 2 couches, king sized mattress, tv stand, coffee and end tables, and our new patio set.

Monday, February 16, 2009

macy's sleepovers.

macy had her first sleepover in our new house. lily came to visit for the weekend!

macy's cousin, and best friend. even though lily may not feel the same way in return.. ;)


aunt buttons also came to visit macy with my family over our 3 day valentine's weekend. macy really liked stirring up trouble with poor 13-year-old buttons.

Friday, February 13, 2009

5 years ago.

5 years ago on Valentine's Day, Colby and I went on our first date. Indiana and Purdue played this day (Purdue won). The first part of the day, I went to a get-together with some girls off campus. Afterwards, I met Colby in the lobby of Teter. It was unusually warm for February. I didn't even wear a jacket. We strolled through campus, and out to Kirkwood, the main drag right off of campus. We decided on a pizza shop for dinner to keep it low key and casual - Cafe Pizzeria. Colby prayed before our meal, and as he should, picked up the tab. After dinner, we went back to his dorm room, pushed his retro 70's couch out of the way, and played cards for a bit. After a couple of games of Indian Ratscrew, we watched a ripped version of Lion King from his computer. (He did his research to find out my favorite movie. Then downloaded it. Illegally.) At the end of the night, he walked me to the end of the hall, where I took the underground tunnel back to my room.

I definitely wouldn't call this the most romantic or creative date ever.. but to his credit, look where it got him 5 years later. ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

the whole fam damily.

here we are! that family of mine that i love to pieces..

we were overdue for family photos since the last time we had them my hair was blonde (with unfortunate root growth) and jamie wasn't in them. after all, she's been around since the beginning!

to add a little flavor, every last person and canine is wearing argyle. 18 humans, 7 dogs. amazing, no? if you'll notice, every single person is smiling and looking at the camera, even the dogs - except for macy. sigh.

maria is providing #19 in just a few short weeks! and the goal is to have 20 by next christmas. my money's on jamie. ;)