Saturday, January 9, 2010

being pregnant.

there hasn't been much mention of my pregnancy on here, i know.

today, i am 20 weeks. that's the halfway point. and honestly, i deserve a gold medal for making it this far. it has been a very long 20 weeks, and i don't wish them back.

i've had more than one person tell me that i should keep a journal of pregnancy, and later gift it to baby. those people obviously had a different experience with their own pregnancies. for the sake of ever giving our first child a brother or sister (lord willing), it's probably best that i not document my days. i'm told that you forget about the sickness - and i figure i have a better chance at forgetting without keeping a journal. :)

i have dug through some tweets that can give you a bit of insight to my days of sickness. enjoy...
i've had better mornings. another 'i've had better mornings.' i think this is going to be a 'i've had better weeks.' i want to fast forward 7 weeks. please. **WARNING: TMI** i can't say i had ever thrown up through my nose. but there's a first time for everything, unfortunately..
pregnancy is a great remedy for food addiction. the very few foods that do sound good enough to eat end up in the toilet. (and i don't mean via normal daily methods of "transportation")
"You need to start teaching that kid some respect or by the time he/she is a teenager they will walk all over you" - my buddy, Beth. but I think it's too late. baby d has me by the reigns, already.
i need to feel the opposite of nauseous in the worst way.
crossing my fingers that breakfast #3 goes better than the first two.
baby d is grounded as soon as he/she arrives. i've had it up to here!
dear baby inside of me, please tell me what it is that YOU want to eat. i don't know how much more i can handle.
8 weeks is a really long time to feel carsick.
missing my faux-wood paneling in my 1990 granny mobile today. could've knocked on that when i told my dad i don't puke after bfast anymore!
the sickness has yet to depart, and my belief that it ever will is fading. improvements, yes. but each time that i thought i was nearing the end, i have a bout just as bad as any of my worse days. i'm thankful for my husband. he has truly been a blessing, and certainly so during this pregnancy. he has stepped up in a big way, and i'm so very grateful for that.

so here's to my last half of pregnancy. and to hanging on to that last sliver of hope that it will get better!

oh, and by the way. we went for our ultrasound yesterday. it's a boy!

all things considered, i am still so very excited to meet this little guy. :)


Fentiman ~ Brumfield said...

I am excited to meet him too! After he is out of time out of course....

The Berg Family said...

Meg - I truly feel your pain. I was sick almost the enitre time I was pregnant. Just know that when your little boy gets here you will know that it is all worth it. I'm sure you have heard that before but it it truly amazaing and worth it all. I do hope you start feeling better soon. All three of you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Monica Berg

Colby said...

Owen is going to be a stud.

Fentiman ~ Brumfield said...

I agree with you Colby.. He should take after his Mom. :)

Corrie said...

Boo for sickness! I hope things are on the upswing and you get to enjoy the second half more than the first. The second half is way more fun anyway.. baby is much more entertaining :) Hang in there!