Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good news.

i have good news to report. i *think* i'm over a hump, knock on wood. i still have sick mornings, and sick bedtimes, but for the most part, my days have been pretty darn good. and consistently! for about 3 weeks. let me just go ahead and throw out another knock on wood, too.

ALSO? the best thing in the world happened. around 21 weeks, i started feeling movement. feeling and watching my tummy became my most favorite thing in the world. it has been so important to me to have this thing that i love about pregnancy. because up until that point? there hadn't really been much i was digging. so i've clung to the kicking.

i posted a picture for the facebook world to see, so i'll provide my team dischinger blog with the same image, taken last weekend at 25 weeks.


Corrie said...

Hooray!! Feeling baby is the best! :) I'll never forget the first time Ian SAW my belly move too.. You look fabulous and I'm so glad you're feeling so much better!

Marie said...

Hi baby! I can't wait to meet you.