Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the greatest college week ever.

i remember writing home to mom and dad from IU in April five years ago with this infamous quote used to describe the university's infamous bike race, known as Little 500..

"The greatest college week of all time. Where a campus of 40,000+ students celebrate a seemingly ordinary bike race by engaging in a week of mind blowing, wasted beyond your wildest dreams, non stop parties. Where class shuts down and drunken students stumble from bar to bar, frat to frat, street to street, drinking everything in sight and no amount of alcohol poisoning can stop them. Where it is more than acceptable to start drinking the moment you awake, and slipNslides, mud wrestling, beer pong, live bands, and power hours are a daily occurrence. The greatest college week in America, Indiana University's Little 500."

they felt really good about me being out on my own at that point in time. ;)

so not all of my classes were canceled that week.. in fact, many purposely scheduled exams that week that couldn't be made up. but that didn't stop a girl from coming to class drunk off her rump, and confessing it to our entire business law class of over 100 students. it was not an unusual sight to walk out of my apartment to see someone dressed in a giant pink bunny costume, just because. each morning, before 10 a.m. i might add, i passed through our complex's parking lot filled with corn hole games, loud music, bikini's, pong tables, and wouldn't you guess it - early AM drinking. the whole 'drinking from the moment you awake to 4 and 5 AM' is no exaggeration. at all. with our paper thin walls, i was lucky to get a few hours of quiet to sleep. the bars are insanely packed. we stood in an hour long line to get into Sports. they shut down the restrooms at all the restaurants - even if you buy something. (trust me, i tried. it wasn't pretty.) so i stood in another 30 minute line for another bar, paid a $6 cover just to use their restroom, then leave. (because only the lame bars had 30 minute waits, and who wants to stay there?) and i never made it to the race. the event the week builds up to. the biggest intramural even that takes place on IU's campus, and the largest collegiate bike race in the U.S. the event that seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong says was "the coolest event I ever attended." oops.

cheers to the greatest college week ever.

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