Saturday, April 3, 2010


blame it on the weather, blame it on an upcoming visit from my mother, but i'm going to chalk my behavior up to "nesting."

i had a hot & steamy love affair with the rug doctor a couple of weeks ago. on a friday night. which turned into a weekend long rendezvous with all sorts of cleaning supplies.

i may or may not have cleaned our hardwoods cinderella-style. hands and knees, bucket of soap & water, and hand scrubbed the entire area.

i rug doctored the heck out of our carpets. round 1 on friday night - computer room & stairs (those that needed it most). round 2 saturday morning/afternoon - a second batch for the computer room, upstairs bedroom & hallway, and downstairs living room.

furniture was pulled out - vacuum attachments for corners and edges were used to sweep crevices that haven't been swept in a year.

dusting of baseboards & picture frames & railings & kitchen chair legs & blinds.

i purchased accent pillows for our living room couches. and fake flowers from hobby lobby to make two pretty flower arrangements for a couple of vases.

guest bathroom was cleaned - toilet & shower scrubbed. guest bedroom was finally ridded of boxes & christmas paper & bows & baby dischinger overflows to make it a room suitable for a guest to sleep.

colby's massive amount of t-shirts were sorted one by one, and goodwill bags have been started.

it's just a really good thing monday came along. i couldn't be left alone with my house anymore.

then this morning? you could have driven by our house to see me sweeping the street. oh yes, i think i've reached an all time low. doing my OCD-driven family roots proud.

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em said...

Get it all out of your system now while you still can. Doing all those things one handed is much more difficult!