Monday, April 12, 2010

showers, showers, showers.

02/08/10 - baby shower by the boys' swim team.

03/14/10 - baby shower by my momma.

03/27/10 - baby shower by 2 of my mother-in-law's friends.

04/03/10 - baby shower by my sister-in-law, emily.

04/19/10 - baby shower by the girls' swim team.

04/23/10 - baby shower by colby's middle school.

here are pictures from a few of the ones that have already occurred.





so thankful to the people who were a part of these showers. this little boy that i'm growing is loved very well already!

is it may 29th yet?


Corrie said...

Blessed and beautiful! That's what you are :)

em said...

Wow! I thought 4 baby showers was a lot, but you got me beat! Enjoy it!