Tuesday, April 20, 2010

shameless self promotion.

last summer i tried something new. i took my love for photography to the next step by buying a REAL camera. aka SLR as oppose to a point-and-shoot. and i started playing. and practicing. and fell in love with it even more.

recently, i've taken another leap. i've created a website. while i feel i have a very long way to go with my skill level, i'm excited by the thought of challenging myself to take pictures for others.


take a look. let me know what you think! my photography blog still exists, along with the creation of a facebook fan page. i'm so official, i know.


Corrie said...

Fabulous!! If you can make that work for you, it's amazing to have the extra income while still being at home with the kiddo.

Your website is beautiful. If I lived in Kansas, I'd totally bring my family to you.. we could be like your first clients!! :) Maybe someday..

The Berg Family said...

Colby was telling Derek about this so I had to check it out. The website looks great! I hope it works out for you. I'm sure you can't wait for Owen so you can get some good baby shots! Monica