Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day.

since i'm only 3 weeks away from being a mommy, i didn't think requesting a mother's day breakfast seemed terribly unreasonable. thankful my husband trekked out super early to get the supplies because a pregnant girl wakes up HUNGRY. :) my breakfast? stuffed french toast. go ahead an take a minute for that. or several.

so proud of my husband for stepping up this year (even if i did have to make a breakfast request) to make my day special. i think i'll keep him. ;-)

i can't help but wonder what my life will be like this time next year. as a mommy to an almost 1 year old little boy. and wonder what kind of mommy i will be. and i pray that i'm like my own mommy - the woman i admire most in this world. so thankful for her. love you, mama!!


bethany reid said...

I want to eat that!

emptynester mom said...

Oh Megan! What a wonderful mommy you will be because you have had such a wonderful example! So happy for you and Colby!
Love, Martha