Sunday, May 9, 2010

what i won't miss.

there are a lot of things about pregnancy that i won't miss.

the need to pee every 20 minutes. with urgency!
inability to find a comfortable position to sleep.
shopping maternity.
the upper twenty-something weeks of nausea.
jabs to the ribs - ouch!
not running. i miss that.
not being able to bend over / reach my toes / see my own lady parts.
being hungry. nonstop.
loss in brain function.
shortness of breath, even when idle.
general fatigue.
lots of burping.
unauthorized belly rubs.
not being able to have a glass of wine. or a margarita. or lemon drop.
my third nipple - aka my inverted belly button that shows through my clothes.
overall discomfort.

i have 3 weeks to go. (give or take.) and i am very much looking forward to being on the other end. but there is one thing i'll miss. i'll miss being able to sit there on a quiet evening, and to hold my hand on my belly and feel movements. feeling a little life squirm inside my belly. and sharing those moments with colby. both of us feeling and watching little body parts roll across my stomach. anticipating. and wondering together what life will be like with little owen. i'll miss that.

photo taken by the incredible becca spears of wirken photography.


Corrie said...

beautiful picture! Can't wait for the little guy's arrival :)

Kyla said...

Happy Mother's Day, Momma D:)

I mean, you've got a baby in there, so it counts, right?