Friday, August 20, 2010

back to work.

i did it. i kissed my baby boy goodbye, and walked my big girl self into work. and survived.

my owen is 12 weeks old today. and 12 weeks marks the end of my maternity leave. the end to the best summer ever. what an incredible 12 weeks i've had watching this little boy grow.

the first night we got home from the hospital, i put him down to sleep in his crib in his own room for the first time. then i tip-toed down the hall to our bedroom, held the baby monitor to my ear, and sobbed. silly, but i missed him so much. i loved him so much.

and that is no less true today than it was then. i ached for him so much. i love him so much.

but just like that first night, i survived.


Corrie said...

Good job Mama! He is so gorgeous :)

Sarah Marie said...

Man he is really starting to look like Colby!