Sunday, November 14, 2010

a weekend full of firsts.

we had an eventful weekend full of firsts with owen.

rolling all about, including front to back. (yes, he's performed this for nearly everyone else beginning a week or two ago, but it was the first i had seen him do it.) standing while holding on to something (we have to prop him up, he doesn't pull himself up yet on his own). holding himself propped up on hands and knees (again, with us positioning him). and, my personal fave: sleeping through the night. owen and i both slept from 8 to 6:30 last night, and it was the best night of sleep i've had since.. my second trimester of pregnancy. UH-mazing. i'm not holding my breath for a repeat tonight, but i certainly will take my 10 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night with no complaints!

while i don't have a picture or video handy of any of these firsts, i DO have a picture of the little guy sitting up on his own, which he's doing all the time these days! he really is getting so big...


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Corrie said...

oh man.. i remember aed's first 10 hour night.. it was awesome. it didn't last, but eventually it came back and then turned to 12+ which i felt should be marked down as miraculous :) woohoo for sleep! go owen!