Saturday, December 11, 2010

fall leaves!

we have 1 bradford pear tree in our yard, and one that hangs over our fence. nice tree, really. produces beautiful white flowers in the spring. (you can see both ours, and then the neighboring tree in the background.) but those suckers are the last to shed their leaves come fall. it's december for goodness sake, and there are still leaves hanging on for dear life. 

so while the rest of the neighborhood has finished their leaf bagging by thanksgiving (and more than likely, a couple of weeks before that), we have only just begun. the last couple of the last couple of years we've had snow on the ground while our tree was finally getting the fall memo.. makes it kinda hard to rake.luckily for us, we had a random beautiful day this year after thanksgiving to do yardwork!  and by "we" i mean colby. the dogs, owen, and i just played in the leaves. so glad we got a chance to do this before winter settles in...

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