Sunday, January 23, 2011

cuter and cuter.

he just gets cuter and cuter, don't you think?
he is changing so much. every. single. day.

in just the last 4 weeks...
he started scooting/army crawling.
he has grown 2 teeth.
he mimicks a couple of sounds and movements. (bababa, shaking head no)
he can go from lying to sitting.
and we are in the beginning stages of pulling himself up to his knees, then to a stand.

he'll be 8 months old this week. he loves his dogs. he sleeps through the night - or at least until 5 - each night. he's growing, and he's long. we've just moved a size up in his pants to a 12-18 mo. and he's skinny. thank goodness for build-in elastic waist bands. he's a fairly serious baby, but definitely has an ornery side. he's curious. gets into everything, and everything goes into his mouth. well, with the exception of baby food. that? does not. he's a stinker.

sigh. he's lucky he's so darn cute.

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