Saturday, May 28, 2011

my 1 year old.

blessings come in small packages. reeeeally cute small packages.

today we celebrated our little boy who turned 1. a quarter til 7AM, we walked in his room and serenaded him with the happy birthday song. after breakfast, we headed downtown for a morning at the farmer's market, then walked down to babycakes for a birthday treat. we got him carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. he didn't go crazy over the cupcake or icing like i imagined he would, but he'll have a second chance next week at his party.

here's what owen is up to at 1 year old: he's silly and ornery, and loves to put on a show. but he's serious and shy around new faces. he claps, points, waves bye-bye, and blows kisses. he can do the signs for "more" and "all done" and can also show you his belly and feet when asked. he has just started walking, and i think it won't be long until i'm really chasing him all over the place. he has 2 teeth on bottom, and 4 on top (2 of them are only part way in). he loves eggs, cheese, pancakes, and mac n' cheese, and would be perfectly content if i didn't try to shove another vegetable in his mouth again. he will eat most fruits, and tolerates meats ok. he can say ball "baa", and a few words that seem to be consistent with bottle "ba", dog "daa", dad "daa", and "uh-oh." he loves the stairs. he loves balls and toys with wheels or long cords. and he also loves getting into the cabinets. and throwing himself on the floor in a dramatic tantrum when we tell him no. he dances to music, and he is a great sleeper. and best of all, he looooves his mommy and daddy.

we think he's pretty great, too. so thankful he's ours.

Friday, May 27, 2011

tomorrow will come.

The first weeks with Owen were so sweet. So hard, and so sweet. It's easier to be on this end of it and appreciate how special that time was, even if I wasn't getting any sleep, and the demands of a newborn drive  you to exhaustion. (And let me stress: complete and utter exhaustion.)

But as it's said, the weeks fly by, and I'm not sure how it happens so quickly, but that itty bitty perfect baby boy that was just born, what, yesterday? Well, he's going to be ONE tomorrow. And my heart can hardly handle it.

I squeezed him extra tight tonight. I tried to sing my bedtime favorite, "You are My Sunshine," as he stared up at me with his sleepy eyes while I sobbed. And as he always does, he wiggled and laughed when I kissed his little mouth, then put him in his crib.

As much as I can try to will it not to, or to tell myself the only significant aging that will be occurring tomorrow is the expiration of my gallon of milk, tomorrow will come.

You'll never know, dear, how much I love you.
Happy first birthday to you, my sweet Owen.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

easter sunday.

a family photo on easter sunday. :)