Tuesday, December 20, 2011

owen meets santa.

owen met santa a couple of weekends ago. this is how it went.
he likes the idea of santa, and if he sees a picture, statue, ornament or anything with santa resemblance he will merrily say, "ho ho ho," but when it came to getting near to a real live man in a red suit.. he wasn't a fan.

Monday, December 19, 2011


if i could choose my favorite thing about christmas time in kansas city, it is the plaza. it's magical this time of year. the lights, the crowds, the shopping, the carolers, choirs, and live musicians - it captures my heart. :)

we took owen with us this past weekend on what was an unusually warm evening. since the crowds were ridiculous, parking was hard to come by; so the warmer weather made our long walk to dinner much more tolerable. that, and all of owen's "whooooah.. whassat? wooowww.. wiiiight (lights)" at the beautifully lit plaza. his amazement at christmas lights this year is quite delightful.

looking forward to getting to share him with my family in a few days! i hope you all have a blessed holiday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hoo. hoo. siers.

I'm not one who normally gets caught up in all the sports world buzz, but this one is worth mentioning. Our beloved Indiana Hoosiers upset #1 ranked Kentucky in Bloomington on Saturday evening, and it still gives me butterflies.

I'm a Colts fan, a Royals fan, and a Knicks fan - but don't really follow any of them. I cheer for them when they are on tv, but wouldn't go out of my way to watch any of them. The Colts and I had a good run in my college days, but once I moved to Kansas City, it became difficult to find them on tv unless it was a prime time game.

But my Hoosiers? I really do love them. Colby signed us up for the Big Ten Network as soon as it became available in KC. And while I didn't go out of my way to torture myself with their losing seasons, this year has been different. Things are turning around for IU basketball, and THE HOOSIERS ARE BACK, BABY!

Here's a great compilation of some of the most popular videos and images circulating from Saturday's win. Some notable favorites: Tom Crean's face, Nick's English Hut, and the IU fans at home.

In fact, Colby's reaction was nothing short of those home viewers' reactions, and I had to rescue poor Owen who was standing wide-eyed and terrified of his daddy jumping around and screaming like a lunatic. :)

Also to be noted, we play this video (the song playing in the background of the previous video) often at our house, and it has become one of Owen's favorites. He dances his jig and chimes in with "Shoe shoe" during the "Hoo. Hoo. Siers." portion of the song.

Proud to be a Hoosier!