Friday, January 28, 2011


maybe you didn't know we can sled in our backyard! yes, our yard is itty bitty.. but there's a hill.. and as it turns out, it's a nice little hill for sledding!

colby and i purchased a round disc sled over the weekend. and that impulse buy [temporarily] did away with my bitterness towards winter. we spent both days of our weekend outdoors in the snow, and i actually enjoyed myself.

and, of course, owen had his first sledding adventure, too.

but, let's be honest. colby is the one who enjoyed himself the most.. such a kid, my husband.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

cuter and cuter.

he just gets cuter and cuter, don't you think?
he is changing so much. every. single. day.

in just the last 4 weeks...
he started scooting/army crawling.
he has grown 2 teeth.
he mimicks a couple of sounds and movements. (bababa, shaking head no)
he can go from lying to sitting.
and we are in the beginning stages of pulling himself up to his knees, then to a stand.

he'll be 8 months old this week. he loves his dogs. he sleeps through the night - or at least until 5 - each night. he's growing, and he's long. we've just moved a size up in his pants to a 12-18 mo. and he's skinny. thank goodness for build-in elastic waist bands. he's a fairly serious baby, but definitely has an ornery side. he's curious. gets into everything, and everything goes into his mouth. well, with the exception of baby food. that? does not. he's a stinker.

sigh. he's lucky he's so darn cute.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

army crawl.

in other news? my boy crawls! or.. army crawls or scoots or something.

but he's dang good at it. a mobile baby is quite a change. power cords, dog bowls, stairs, and door stoppers (to name a few..) are just a few of owen's favorite things. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

happy birthday, my love.

we kick off every new year with a birthday. in my humble opinion, new year's is overrated, but birthdays are not. colby was born on january 1st, so that is always the most important of the two celebrations. i will never win any culinary awards, but i love hosting a gathering every now and then.

each year, colby requests his favorite cake for his birthday: chocolate mayonnaise cake. at almost 11 PM on saturday night, i finished my masterpiece.

colby said it was perfect.
happy 27th birthday to my favorite husband!

...and happy 2011. i think it's really going to be great.
(i even made resolutions this year!)