Friday, February 25, 2011

boys win state!

because i didn't have my camera with me, i swiped this picture from derek and monica - thanks, guys! :)

BUT. a post-worthy event took place last weekend: the Blue Valley North Mustangs placed 1st at State! colby loves coaching more than anything, and is especially proud of this school because he was also a BVN mustang swimmer back in the day. (because he's so old now!) he loves those boys, and no differently than years past, is so proud to be a part of their lives and their swimming careers. with a state championship title, this year was just extra sweet. YEAH MUSTANGS!!

we're wrapping up his 1 week break from coaching, then monday starts girls' season.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

colby's new car.

we bought a car. a new one. for some reason i had always thought it'd be much further down the road before we ever decided to purchase a new car over a pre-owned vehicle. but we took the plunge, and are so excited to have replaced his honda with our 2011 Ford Fusion.

plus, we feel super fancy because we have leather seats, SYNC (which syncs our phones to the car to play pandora or talk on our phones over the car speakers, etc), and the built-in computer that talks to us about sports scores, weather updates, etc. AND. my personal favorite? SEAT WARMERS. i'll never own another car without them. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

my favorite little piggies.

 ok, let's be honest. i have a slight obsession with owen's little toes & feet. they are my favorite in the whole wide world. and i ain't afraid to say it. or say it again. so, here i am for a third time proclaiming my love for owen's cute and kissable little piggies. and it won't be the last.

everything is cuter in baby sizes, but i must admit that this IU hooded sweatshirt is one of my favorites. thanks, rachel!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

snowmageddon 2k11.

i'm from indiana - not alaska. last time i checked, it was basically the same as kansas. yet i feel like a fish out of water. the school systems around here act like they've never functioned when snow exists. needless to say, colby gets a lot of snow days. not that i'm complaining - a snow day usually guarantees that i don't have to be in charge of dinner. but this time? his snow days were legit.

we were dumped on bigtime. we took a ruler to different parts of our yard, and think that we got about 12-14 inches. more than colby has seen since he moved here from upstate NY. so for him, this snowfall is nostalgic.. for me? it's miserable.

that whole thing about embracing the snow? yeah, i'm over it.

ironically, groundhog's day was the next morning. i was convinced the groundhog would never be able to make it out of his hole. but i was told that they are predicting an early spring! hard to believe with my front bushes still completely buried by snow.. but i'll take it!