Monday, June 27, 2011

a vacation preview.

just because i probably won't sit down to go through my 1500+ photos that were taken on our vacation anytime soon. yes, 1500+. to my credit, approximately a fourth of those were my mom's photos. however, i have no further defense to the remaining 1100. i take a lot of pictures.

here are a few from my phone!

the view from our balcony was one i was quite fond of.

sandy and salty ocean fingers were ones owen was quite fond of.

this was owen's first real vacation, and first time to the ocean.

a beautiful sunrise and the stillness of dawn.

my little traveler homeward bound!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

owen's 1st birthday party.

our owen turned ONE, and we threw a party for our lil' hoosier.

on the menu? colby at the grill with burgers and brats with grilled onion and peppers. my mom and i made citrus salsa, avocados with cilantro and lime juice, and my summertime fave: tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil drizzled with balsamic. my dad and i squeezed about 40 lemons and i made fresh squeezed lemonade. we also served corona. for dessert, i made sugar cookies in the shape of the IU logo and the Indiana state shape, and of course cake. i chose red velvet to keep with the cream and crimson theme: a 2 layer cake, a 6 inch smash cake, and cupcakes.

i also discovered a new love: crafts. and colby may have disliked them as much as i loved them. but that is mostly because it kept me from coming to bed until after midnight on several occasions, and also because we lost our kitchen table for weeks due to the amount of supplies and projects that i wouldn't allow him to move. here are some of my favorite creations, which i also blogged about here.

we sang happy birthday, and owen tried to grab the flame of the candle. he took very little interest in eating his cake, but still somehow managed to be covered in it.

"we" opened gifts. and by we, i mean i. the best idea i ever had was not the one where i thought getting his big, unwrapped gifts out of the way first would be a good plan. he climbed right through the window of his new car (bo duke-style, as colby likes to call it), and was happy as a clam. that is, until i pulled him out to open other gifts.

i had a house full of people who love my boy. that's incredible, you know?

here are a few others from the party worth including.

the setup.

i designed this shirt, then had my friend sarah create it! how cute, right?

bubbles - always a hit.

grandma and grandpa in from indiana for the party!

and a present-opening action shot. notice that owen is only observing.

definitely a first birthday party success! planning, prepping, and hosting my child's first birthday party will definitely go down as one of my most fun, and proud moments. thank you to all who were a part of this. we love you, owen!

-thanks to "grandma," "grandpa," and uncle derek for driving in from indiana for the party.
-and an additional thanks to my momma for helping. with everything. not sure how i would have done it without her.
-and a thank you to sarah for stepping in to take pictures so that i could enjoy the party without a camera being attached to my face. she is responsible for every picture during the party, and also the final digital scrapbook image featured on my blog. she also made his birthday shirt. a woman of many talents!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

pool season.

after tornado season comes pool season.

it's been a hot week in kansas city, so we headed to our neighborhood pool for our first trip of the summer! he is fearless and reckless and he loved it so much. i think daddy has a good chance at making a swimmer out of him! ;-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

tornado season.

here's a piece of may that i had wanted to blog about last week, but was sidetracked by a monumental birthday. tornado season.

i got a lot of grief when people found out i was moving to kansas. about tornadoes, about dorothy and the wizard of oz. regardless of my defense, i still managed to receive an entire collection of wizard of oz figurines as a wedding gift from my childhood babysitter that she had collected from mcdonald's kids meals. and on the back windshield of my ford escape was painted: "JUST MARRIED," immediately followed by: "Tornado alley here we come!" with a twister or two on my side windows.

here is the view from our television at work of one of the handful of funnels that were forming in the area.

and this was my family's wherabouts when it was all going down. the tornado was reported to have touched down in the picture where i have drawn it. there was also a funnel hovering about halfway between the touchdown and me at work.

this was my sky from work.

24 hours later?

that was a crazy afternoon.