Monday, October 17, 2011

an october day.

a few pictures taken last weekend at the dog park. the second image is of owen's current favorite phrase, "Doe?" as in: "Where did _____ go?" but his 'go' comes out 'doe.' it's very endearing. but everything he does is endearing. well, except for throwing a tantrum in the middle of dinner at restaurants. that's definitely not. not that my owen would ever do such a thing..

Thursday, October 6, 2011


i realize there has been a gap in posting, and i'll make my best effort to be back soon, but there are no guarantees. my favorite season is upon us which means a lot of outdoor playtime and weekends at the pumpkin patch and cider mill and dog park, tv shows are back and i can't keep up, i've found a new love pinterest and addiction to "pinning", and i'm jam packed with photography shoots scheduled this month. plus, maybe you didn't know, but i've got this bouncin' little 16 month old boy who lives under the same roof as me who keeps me quite busy. :)

 taken this past weekend at the KC Zoo