Thursday, January 12, 2012

blonde hair & dark eyes.

i get a lot of comments on his blonde hair and dark brown eyes. no, there wasn't a mailman involved in his conception. yes, both colby and i were blonde as babies. yes, the light hair and dark eyes are an unlikely combo. chances are, his hair will darken as he gets older like colby and i's did. (in fact, my dad is still convinced i dye my hair brown, and i'm still a true blonde.)

any way you have it, i think he's quite handsome.

here's pictures of colby and i as toddlers. i think my picture is a little bit older, but i have only a couple of my baby pictures here to go through, so this is the best i could do.

so tell me your opinion? 
Owen most resembles...

A. His daddy! He is a mini version of Colby.
B. His mommy! He is a mini version of Meg.
or C. A blend of both Colby & Meg.

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Sarah Marie said...

C. A blend of both Colby & Meg.