Wednesday, January 11, 2012

christmas in indiana.

owen is a mama's boy, there's no denying that. but the second we arrived to indiana, owen did not want me out of his sight. the holidays are busy - constant family activities and always chaotic. (it wouldn't be a kissane-koontz gathering without a little chaos!) we also had my uncle bruce and eddie staying with us, along with their two dogs - emma sue and einstein - different than our past visits to see grandma, grandpa, & uncle derek. i'm guessing it was the combination of the many "new" faces, going from one place to another, and just being outside of his normal routine that made him cling to his mommy for a familiar face. but that's hard on a mama. and hard on a grandma who doesn't get to see her grandson that often.

regardless, our family vacation was wonderful. that is, after finding out i needed to replace my tires when taking my car in for a last-minute oil change the day before we intended to leave. so $800 later, we loaded up my escape with gobs of gifts for my family that is multiplying by the year (we added 4 babies to the gift list this past year! yowza.), a couple of dogs, some luggage, and that cute little toddler that bores after about 20 minutes on car rides for a family road trip across the unusually warm midwest.

there was no white christmas, which was a bit of a disappointment to macy and kirkwood who LOVE going to visit grandma and grandpa and running through fields of snow. but, as it turns out, it was equally as fun to run through fields of mud and standing water. 5 dogs staying in 1 house made for a lot of muddy paw prints, and a lot of dog baths.

to add to the fun, my brother's beloved sheep (named "21") gave birth to twins while we were home.

unfortunately, one didn't make it through the night, so we brought the other one indoors for a couple of days once the temperature dropped to help with feeding since 21 had some health problems that was preventing her from being able to nurse. the little guy, which we named "Jesús," was pretty darn cute and a fun addition to our christmas. :)

christmas morning was so fun. owen gave lots of "oh woowww" and "whooahhh" responses to opening gifts. a little more exciting than last year when we were happy just to have him hold a piece of paper long enough that it actually ripped the gift open a bit. there were certainly gifts that he loved and wanted out of their packaging immediately (trains, hot wheels, cars 2 DVD) and others that he could have cared less about (clothing). how much of a difference 1 year made, and next year will be even better!

i have to say that probably my favorite part of our trip, though, was christmas night. colby spent a greater part of our visit very ill, and finally was feeling a little bit better by christmas day. we kept very busy, and even while we were at home the commotion didn't stop - dogs barking and wanting in and outside, the sheep baa'ing, and all of the people in the house talking and carrying on.. it just didn't stop. on christmas day, it is a family tradition that we all go out to see a movie. but because of owen's age and the time of the movie, we decided to stay back. the house was dark, and silent, and we spent the evening up in my old bedroom. we busted out owen's new DVD - Cars 2 - and all snuggled into my bed and watched the movie on my macbook. our first family movie night! it was absolute perfection.

don't get me wrong - i wouldn't trade the business and commotion of the visit for anything - it just made that christmas night a standout moment. and extra special.

i hope you had a marvelous christmas. :)

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