Sunday, January 29, 2012


our new favorite place in kansas city: kaleidoscope.

it's located downtown at crown center - shopping, dining, and a holiday hot-spot for some festive outdoor ice-skating. also home to the world headquarters of hallmark cards, and soon-to-be home of the new sea life aquarium & legoland discovery center opening this spring - both of which we hope to visit this year. :)

kaleidoscope is a magical art studio and play place for children developed by hallmark. it was originally created to make use of all of hallmark's scraps. it's colorful, imaginative, and beyond fun for children of any age. stations are set up that allow you to create puzzles, paintings, or anything you want, really. you use markers, colorful tissue paper, heart and star shaped cutouts, melted crayons, water color paints, shiny ribbon, glow-in-the dark markers, numbers, letters, stickers - you name it. everything you create, you get to take with you.

oh, i forgot to mention the best part. it's FREE.

and it's incredible for those little creative minds. my little owen's mind could hardly stay in one place long enough to create anything. read: over-stimulation. but so joyful and happy, that i couldn't help but delight in his delight.

there was an outer space themed room, complete with glow-in-the dark markers and paints, and fun machines that snapped photos of you which displayed on the walls, and glowing light sabers that you could point to "paint" the walls.

and probably owen's favorite spot in kaleidoscope was this music-making chamber. buttons to "poosh" and they make some groovy jams. and then he dances. he loves to dance. get down, o!

i already can't wait to go back. :)

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