Sunday, January 8, 2012

a list for 2012.

i've never been one to make resolutions, but i think that was mostly because i was single (unmarried, at least) & basically free of any responsibilities that would get in the way of doing them. if i wanted to start running to get into better shape, i just did. i didn't have a family or career or list of grown-up responsibilities that needed to come first. 

so here's one for the year. it will likely grow as the week goes on and i come up with things that "i should have added to my blog! arg!" ... and will hopefully mature into a list of short AND long term goals for my life.

1. run another half marathon. one that i don't end up on the ground. one that i'm proud to tell people about. ideally, one i walk only long enough to drink the gatorade at the aide stations. because, let's face it, i'm not one of those people who can drink while running. i end up choking and have managed to spill water everywhere. i'll leave that to the pros.
2. make granola regularly. granola is one of those things that can be customized to change things up, all while implementing good grains and fibers into your diet. after having my then-boyfriend/now-husband's mom's granola in college, i became hooked. i was a granola-making machine in my college years, and have never gotten back into that habit since married life. i would love to try a lot of different recipes this year, and find a few favorites to put into a rotation. 
3. have 25-50% of my christmas shopping done by july. 90% completed by october. i was onto something really great this year when i had purchased gifts for 6 of the 13 kids i had on my christmas shopping list before summer had ended. less time spent shopping during the holiday season means more time for family, baking, crafting, and just enjoying the spirit of christmas around the city without the stress of unfinished christmas shopping haunting me during the holidays.
5. create a family cookbook. i got this idea from a blog somewhere along the way much earlier in the year, and also is a shared goal by my sister-in-law. this would be a fun, personalized cookbook that incorporates our family favorites, with some pictures along the way - either of the finished product, or some flour-covered cheeks and fingers of my little kitchen helper. as the years pass, we'll surely have additions - and hopefully enough to create a second edition. and third. 
6. take one photo per week for my photography blog. i found a project online which will be a fun way to keep me inspired: let's do 52! those picture-a-day projects just aren't realistic for me, personally - i'd rather not set a goal that i'm likely to fail miserably at - but one picture per week? attainable, yet still a challenge. 
7. blog more on my personal blog. i find myself throwing in a picture and a quick 3 liner just for the sake of having a post. i'd really like to put a little more effort, thought, and depth to my posts for my family and friends who follow that may not get a daily phone call (momma) with all of life's updates and daily happenings. 
8. have family date nights, movie nights, and daddy/owen & mommy/owen dates. that's a lot of dates. and ideally, we'd have one of each of the aforementioned each month. but probably more likely, we get in 1 or 2 - and i'd be satisfied with that. having an evening or day devoted to family and spending time together always leaves my heart feeling so full. i would also like to add one-on-one dates to the mix, as i think those are important in their own way. (and some time alone while colby and owen go out sounds fantastic, too!) 
9. go on dates with my husband. we actually have been better this past 6 months or so than the year following childbirth. we went out 1 month after i had owen for our wedding anniversary, then not again until december of that year - 6 months later. yikes. while we improved from our semi-annual average, i still don't think we had any more nights out together than i could count on one hand.  monthly would be ideal - and this date night take priority over the above 4 separate family dates. my husband is my favorite person (most days, anyway ;-) & i like to go on dates with him.
10. bake bread often. often enough to eliminate buying bread from the store when possible. thanks to my new bread machine, this should be fairly easy to do! my inspiration again: my sister-in-law. (can i be like you when i grow up?) i've successfully produced one loaf of french bread that has been used for toast, eggs in a basket, dipping in oil & vinegar, and PB&J sandwiches. next on my list (once i purchase all the ingredients necessary) is to make some form of wheat or whole grain bread so that i'm not only eliminating preservatives, but also am keeping with some of the healthier aspects of bread consumption.



Leslee Dummermuth said...

when you grow up? i am not THAT much older than you!! = )

Sarah Marie said...

I know a GREAT and free babysitter for your date nights. :)