Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a pinterest christmas.

pinterest is my not-so-new obsession. it also is the source of many of my christmas gift inspirations this year, as we were on a bit tighter budget than years past. so we did handmade: a pinterest christmas. :)

tile coasters - made with tiles from home improvement store, scrapbook paper, mod podge.

so, not a pinterest inspiration - just a bunch of my photos i've taken over the past year of little owen. this was gifted to my mom who couldn't have been happier. :)

more tile coasters - but a combination of my photography & the the tiles. this one was gifted to my in-laws - one coaster for each of their grandchildren. :)

another pinterest idea: marble magnets. i even coordinated scrapbook paper to go with each of the sets of coasters for the lucky recipients.

recycled t-shirt necklaces. i evolved this tutorial from pinterest a bit since i don't own a sewing machine to make a no-sew version. i thought they turned out quite cute!

some homemade canned jam. there was actually no pinterest inspiration for this one, just inspired to learn to can with my girlfriend, sarah. :) but still a part of my handmade christmas. :)

and one last handmade item: chocolate chip cinnamon rolls. originally made using the Pioneer Woman's recipe, but has since been modified to use an old Mennonite recipe given to my mother-in-law for the dough, then the PW's final steps and icing for the chocolate chip rolls. again, not pinterest (although i believe it was one of my first pins when i joined!) but just handmade. the picture is from the pre-baked & iced stage, but you get the idea.

i even went so far as to get some wrapping inspiration from that beloved pinterest. yarn pom-poms instead of bows. over the course of both families' christmases, i think i totaled around 35. i can't say the time was worth it, but packing gifts into a car on top of one another sure was a cinch - didn't have to worry about the bows getting smashed or ripped off!

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