Sunday, February 5, 2012

a 20 month old's vocabulary.

moona: movie
mot: milk
wease: please
teenkee: thank you
doe-doe: kirkwood
murr: more
basey: basement
shoo shoo: hoosiers
lalala: water
appidol: apple

he has a vocabulary of greater the 10 words, but these are a few that i don't want to forget.

he often repeats words that we say, usually the last word of each sentence as we are talking to him. you never know what words are going to stick, and what spin he'll put on the pronunciation.

with his expanding vocabulary, though, it sure is fun to have little bitty conversations with him. when picking owen up after work, we often have a conversation that goes like this.

me: alright, buddy, are you ready to go home?
owen: home!
me: yep! and we're going to have dinner.
owen: di-nyrrh!
me: mhmm! what would you like to eat?
owen: eat!


owen: mommay?
me: yes, owen?
owen: blah blah blah choo choo?
me: you wanna play choo choo?
owen: uh-huuuhh! basey!
(the train table is in the basement.)


i don't know when it happened, but "mo mo" has become "elmo," and that makes me a little sad. buddy, you're just getting so big.

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