Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a visit from "buddy."

i think owen is a happy kid. he certainly isn't afraid to let us know when he's not happy about a situation, but in return, he holds nothing back when he enjoys himself. he does it too its fullest potential. you have to admire a child's ability to have no other care in the world besides this wonderful moment that they are in.

one of his favorite things to do is to JUMP. and he has become quite good at his new skill. a bed, a crack in the sidewalk, a step: he sees all of these things as an opportunity to jump on, over, and down from - he sees life through a jumping lens.

one thing that made this past weekend so special was a visit from grandma. grandma who became "buddy" to owen all weekend, and boy did she live up to her name. grandma is the best playmate - "buddy SIT." "buddy TUM(come)." "buddy wwwatcha(watch), buddy." buddy did it all. she played choo choos and tars(cars) all day long. we sure do like having grandma around!

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