Friday, February 17, 2012

you're my main "squeeze" valentine!

i took my own spin on a pinterest valentine that caught my interest. since the weekend before valentine's day offered nothing in the way of silicone heart baking molds, i had to get creative. a lightbulb went off in my head which reminded me of a silicone ice cube tray i had gotten as a wedding shower gift 5 years ago. (can't believe we'll celebrate our 5th anniversary this summer!) 

but my lemon/lime shaped molds left me stumped for a valentines theme... that is, UNTIL my husband cleverly came up with "main squeeze." DONE.


so here's the down low.

supplies i used:

bits of yellow and green (or any colors you fancy) crayons
silicone baking mold
alphabet stamps & ink
lemon/lime cutouts
scrapbook paper

i started by peeling paper from a couple dozen green and yellow crayons. some i pulled from owen's collection, but the rest i got from buying a party favor 8-pack of crayons for $2 from target so i could have several green and yellows. then i chop, chop, chopped.

then dropped them into the molds. you'll want to make sure it overflows a bit. as they melt and condense into all of the air spaces, you'll want to be sure your mold will be full. now you bake them in a 230ยบ for 15 minutes. let 'em cool completely, and they'll pop right out!

next up, you gather your other supplies and start crafting! I used a light-grey scrapbook paper (on sale for .19/sheet!) cut in half both ways to make little square cards.  then, i found a lemon-shaped clipart image to trace then cut out little green and yellow fruits to arrange on the cards to add a bit more color. and since i'm not crazy about my handwriting, and owen is still a few years away from writing on his own - i opted for alphabet stamps to display our message.

here's the finished product. i was happy to be one less contributor of a candy valentine for toddlers. well, aside from the pink-sugared snicker doodles i sent in for his classroom party. ;-) happy valentine's day!

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I have no idea how I JUST found out about your blog! I've been following your photography one for a while, but haven't seen this one! I've enjoyed going back and catching up :) Love the valentines! So cute!