Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bye bye spring break!

it was sad to say goodbye to spring break this year. well, it was a normal work week for me, but it sure was fun to come straight home after work each night to have my boys already home. plus, the weather was IN.CRE.DI.BLE. you saw the forecast - and it actually turned out to be even better. 
while i'm not a fan of daylight savings, i couldn't complain about the extra time we had at night to play outside after dinner. our normal school year & swim season day to day lives leave little to no time to play with our little boy as we have about 1 hr after getting home until bedtime to fix dinner, eat, cleanup, & bathe.

it was fun to bust out the summer clothes and summer jammies to expose those sweet baby legs and arms. i hope everyone enjoyed the glamorous weather as much as we did!

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