Friday, June 29, 2012

home video.

this is my new favorite 3-second home video. it just makes me laugh every.single.time. love that little boy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

king of the grill.

over memorial day weekend, i sent colby out to buy a grill. sort of like an impulse buy because i couldn't come up with a menu for owen's birthday party on memorial day that didn't involve grilling. the grill we had been using previously was down to one [barely] working burner. 

he bought a big barreled charcoal smoker/grill. 

at first, i was hesitant. "but what if i want to just throw something on the grill quickly for dinner? charcoal will take forever to heat up." he then asked how many times in our almost 5 years of marriage i have grilled. the answer to that is: less than the number of fingers i have on my right hand. so i surrendered to the idea of making the switch from gas to charcoal, and i haven't looked back.

he not only has been a grilling machine, but is also working really hard to master the art of smoking. we've had a smoked pork roast, ribs, & chicken, and grilled steaks, chicken, & burgers. i have had no complaints about any of my meals prepared on our new grill.

ah, summer. the livin' is easy.
and honey, you're cute. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy father's day!

happy father's day to the father of my son!

to celebrate, we visited arrowhead stadium, home of the kansas city chiefs, for the "sea of red" tour.

inside the chiefs super old school locker rooms. (but kind of neat because everything - except for the carpet - is original.)

on the sidelines. 

post game pressroom. colby and owen addressing the media excitedly after a big chiefs win.

kenny chesney and tim mcgraw held a concert the previous weekend at arrowhead. kenny is notoriously known around these parts for destroying the arrowhead fields each time he comes to town. it was no different this time around, so the field was missing some green. a strange sight, for sure!

derrick thomas: the reason colby became a chiefs fan.. as a 9-year-old resident of new york.

funny that the tour is titled sea of RED, when the entire lower level of the stadium is filled with orange seats. this is apparently a great mystery of arrowhead stadium. our tour guide, retired secret serviceman from the white house, spent years protecting some chiefs players back in the day. he believes the orange chairs were sent by mistake, but kansas city chose to keep them - at no charge - to save a little mula. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

sea life & my birthday.

last weekend, for my birthday, we took a trip to kansas city's brand spankin' new aquarium: SEA LIFE. we hadn't heard great reviews, and unfortunately my own falls in line with what i had been told. general consensus between colby and i was that we were underwhelmed. since i had never been to an aquarium, i thought that certainly i would not feel the same way. i don't know what i was expecting in terms of the actual sea life, but was unimpressed. there were a few small sharks, and some pretty large sting rays.. but mostly, it was tank after tank of smaller, colorful fish. a much nicer, and more expensive display of what i could otherwise see in a pet store. tickets were close to $15/person and took us no longer than 45 minutes to see the whole thing. even with a 2 year old.

speaking of a 2 year old. owen, on the other hand, was completely enamored. his little overstimulated mind could hardly handle all that there was to see. which, honestly, made the trip totally worth it. we just wouldn't choose to visit the aquarium over kansas city's zoo. (which, by the way, we love. we could spend an entire day at the zoo, AND for lower admission prices!) but through the eyes of my 2 year old, it was dreamy.

he bounced from aquarium to aquarium, and excitedly announced what there was to see.
he definitely favored the sharks. 

speaking of sharks. there was another shark sighting just after we left sea life.

sea life is located at crown center, so even with the short visit we were able to fill our afternoon. a friend of mine told me to pack his swim trunks so that he could play in the fountains afterwards. it was the perfect idea for my water-loving boy. 

before we did this, we became first time diners at fritz's - a burger joint that  delivers your food by train. but since i'm not much of a greasy burger joint lover, i enjoyed some sheridan's frozen custard, since it was my birthday after all.. the second of my "3 dessert birthday," according to my husband. but since the stuffed french toast was my breakfast, and the chocolate custard was my lunch, i like to think of my cheesecake factory cheesecake that we had (following a real dinner) my first dessert of the day. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

partying with owen on his birthday.

 this is the birthday boy, looking freshly two on the morning of his big day.

cake preparation began the day before. i made a lemon blueberry cake with a layer of my homemade lemon curd and a lemon icing tinted blue for decorating purposes. no major cake catastrophes, so i was pleased.

of course, we had to dress him in theme.

he was more than pleased to have another opportunity to blow out his candles. he actually blew woody down with his second blow, as well. 

roasted green beans from the farmers market, and some sliced watermelon. i'm not really a huge fan of watermelon, but felt it was a staple for a memorial day cookout. 

this, however, is something i'm a HUGE fan of. maters from the farmers market, fresh mozz from the little italian market, and basil from emily's garden! heavenly.

it's not a kids birthday party without a few "helpers."

at the party's conclusion, ella and owen, joined by their daddies, busted out owen's new soccer goal and ball to run off some energy. fun was had by all.

family photo, courtesy of sarah marie.


BLOW! there goes woody!

soccer star in training.

it's my party, and i'll cry (throw a tantrum) if i want to.

owen and his great grandpa. ache!

mosey on this direction to see some more of the party details that i so enjoy putting together, thanks to my go-to inspiration, pinterest.