Sunday, October 14, 2012

a wedding weekend for sarah marie.

this weekend i headed to clay center, kansas to celebrate one of my very best friends. i had the honor of standing beside her as her matron of honor (but let's just say MOH because matron sounds so.. OLD) on her wedding day.. the happiest day of her life.. to date. (her words!)

back in june, i threw her a shower. then just this past friday, i think i arrived in clay center just in time with some wine for the bride. fulfilling my MOH duties, you know. (let's pretend i didn't run off to the reception and forget to bustle her gown?)

i got to be there for my selfless friend who constantly putting the needs of others before her own. she is thoughtful, and a great listener - and remembers the little things. she is an amazing friend, and will be a wonderful wife & mom. i'm thankful she filled the empty cubicle next to mine 5 years ago just a few months after i had moved to this city. i'm thankful her first impression of me (as being a "johnson county" girl - what?!) was quickly forgotten. instead, we found out we were both small town girls, and also neighbors in the same apartment complex. we both bought houses at the same time and moved further apart, but that just opened doors to the beginning of our baking dates in our new kitchens! i later left my job with the trust company, but now, only a couple of years later, we are once again co-workers. i'm thankful for her.

happy 'happy ever after' to you, my beautiful friend!

introducing... mr & mrs fentiman! :)

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Leslee Dummermuth said... look absolutely beautiful!! congrats!!