Sunday, November 11, 2012

boys sleepover.

november has been sleepover month for owen so far.

last weekend, we had ella over for her second (i think?) sleepover at our house with owen. then last night we had nathan over for his first sleepover at our house. (and also his first solo sleepover ever!)

owen has developed a slight obsession with his cousin nathan. he absolutely adores him, and talks about him lots. having nathan all to ourselves proved to be so much fun for both of the boys, and for me to watch.

but my favorite part of the weekend was this. after having picked up nathan, we were homeward bound. i was lost in the music, or lost in thought - one of the two - and didn't hear how this came to be. but i look back to see their two hands locked together. i tried to be sly in my photo taking, but i'll have you know this lasted the rest of the way to my house while they talked about trucks, tractors, and cars they saw out their windows. be still my heart!

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