Friday, November 30, 2012

owen's daily thankful.

Owen's Daily Thankful

Day 1: Little Queen. (his little Lightning McQueen car. not to be confused with Big Queen.)
Day 2: Garlic bread. (which is what he was eating at the time he was asked.)
Day 3: Macy. (he has transitioned from Kirkwood as his favorite to Macy.)
Day 4: Nana. (completely unprovoked, and not even a part of recent conversation. so cute!)
Day 5: Aunt Em. (first was Nana again, but no repeats allowed.)
Day 6: Woody & Jessie. (his Toy Story 2/3 action figures.)
Day 7: Papa. (first Nana, then Papa.)
Day 8: School. ("Gool," as pronounced by him.)
Day 9: Nathan. (he was spending the night, after all.)
Day 10: Ella. (also known as, "Welwa.")
Day 11: his pillow. (with some direction from me to show he could be thankful for more than just people.)
Day 12: Tessa. (who he spent the day with today while Nana was out of town.)
Day 13: Derek. (that is, Uncle Derek.)
Day 14: Lily. (Ella's doggy.)
Day 15: Drooper. (known to most as Drew. Uncle Drew took him swimming today.)
Day 16: Grandma. (was wondering how much longer this one would take! he looooves him some Grandma!)
Day 17: Elise & Adele. (since I allowed Woody & Jessie on one day,  figured I'd allow the sister duo today.)
Day 18: Grandpa. (took us awhile to think of someone new, but we eventually made it here!)
Day 19: Trees. (pictured on his book cover we were about to read.)
Day 20: I forgot to ask Owen this day. Oops!
Day 21: Balloons. (Grandpa went out and bought Owen balloons for his Indiana arrival.)
Day 22: Aunt Leslee. (or, "Aunt Wesee," whichever you prefer.)
Day 23-27: Because I wasn't consistent, I dedicated one night to listing several thankfuls. He came up with Kirkwood, books, Daddy, and yellow cars, among a few other already listed people/items.
Day 28: Lucy. (He has a lot of these in his life.)
Day 29: Big Mickey. (Thanks, Sarah!)
Day 30: Mommy. (Daddy was actually first, but he already had his turn. Regardless, I [barely] made the cut. A sweet way to end off our month of daily thankfuls.)

And your mommy and daddy are thankful for YOU, little man.

This was  very sweet to do with him. While most nights started with a list of people he'd already named, I enjoyed challenging him to continue in his thought process, and at times, think outside of the box. It will be fun to see how this evolves in future years. So sweet.

2 comments: said...

So sweet indeed! I love this!

Leslee Dummermuth said...

i prefer "aunt wesee", definitely