Friday, April 20, 2012

cousins are life's first friends.

cousins are life's first dealt friends. (unless, of course, you were dealt siblings before cousins existed.) i'm sure i have said it before, but some of my fondest childhood memories were those spent with my cousins. we vacationed together each summer, spent weekends at grandma & grandpa's, and celebrated birthdays, holidays, and life's special events together. twenty-six years into my life, they still remain as some of my best friends.

owen is incredibly lucky to live in the same city as 5 of his cousins, with 2 more on the way! and as you know, ella spends each friday with me at my house. owen also spends some time at ella's a couple of days a week before and after school. because of the significant amount of time spent with one another, they have become like siblings. while they certainly know how to push each others' buttons, they have become such great pals. now that owen has reached an age that he can somewhat communicate and participate in some of the same activities, they have grown quite fond of the playmate that lies in one another.

Monday, April 16, 2012

toddler bed.

i forgot to blog about a big life event! over spring break, owen graduated to a toddler bed. we originally planned to wait until his 2nd birthday in may, but i supported the change then because colby would be on break. this meant that if there were middle of the night issues, he could tend to them without the worry of an early alarm for work.

i had heard horror stories about this transition. i had awful visions of the destruction that would occur in his bedroom behind closed doors. the freedom to roam about. the freedom to find distraction outside of his bed to keep him awake way past his bedtime.

that owen - HE IS A ROCKSTAR. let me have a moment to brag. because every momma deserves to have those moments. he slept all night that night. he has slept all night every night since we converted his crib to a toddler bed 4 weeks ago. my sleep has gone uninterrupted during this transition. that is amazing.

naptime is a little different. it's hit or miss. a couple of times we have gone up to find a page or two ripped from a book, but that has been the extent of destruction. mostly, it's just a gamble as to whether or not he'll actually sleep. in his defense, he's good at giving us a good hour or so of quiet time even if sleep never occurs - so i'm okay with it.

my favorite part of this is peaking in on him before i go to bed. he has usually gathered blankets, toy cars, pillows from his tent, and a handful of books into his bed by time he falls asleep. we almost always find him lying vertically in his horizontal bed in a big mess of all of his gathered belongings. he's not a really heavy sleeper, so i do my best to remove as much clutter as possible without disturbing the peace.

i love my big toddler boy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

school pictures.

last week, we got owen's very first "school" pictures back. last week, and again tonight as i'm staring at this picture again, we got a really good laugh. i can't decide what strikes me the most: his comb-over or that pathetic little frown he's wearing. on his way to school he styled his hair, per usual, by gathering it all on top of his head. so his kind teachers gave it a quick spritz and comb before he stepped in for pictures. i think he was just overwhelmed by the moment. the product was a picture worth keeping to display at his graduation. :)

owen, you sweet boy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hoppy easter.

we had a wonderful & beautiful easter. except for the fact that my little man is trying really hard to give up naps. we got maybe 45 minutes out of him sunday, but that's 45 minutes more than we had the day before.

owen had easter egg hunt #3, but after 1-2 eggs, he lost interest in the hunt. he did, however, love the bubbles that nana and papa had included in his easter basket! bubbles are a true love of owen's.

the other nieces and nephew of mine spent easter with their other side of the family, but i did get to a little beauty in her easter dress. :)

dress clothes or not - the sandbox was a good idea.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

owen's hair.

let's take a few minutes to talk about owen's hair.

he was born with dark hair. but aren't most babies born with dark hair? straight and dark.

when he was about 5 months old, amidst a long span of sickness, he lost most of it.

when it started to grow back, it came in lighter. then, as summer (and owen's 1st birthday) approached, it faded to blonde. and the wisps appeared. and summer humidity hit in full force, and so did his curls.

and now, it's just crazy. we can style it after a bath to make it more presentable. but it's mostly just crazy. i don't even fight with it. he rolls out of bed in the morning, or after a nap, and it looks like this. and i let it.

if i take the time to try to smooth down the massive poofiness, 10 minutes later he is gathering it together in his hands on top of his head, or twirling his finger in it to the point of knots, in his carseat on his way to wherever we're heading for the day.

for now i'm choosing to let it be wild. i just don't have the heart to have it cut short. wild thing, you make my heart sing!