Wednesday, August 29, 2012

lucy & owen, part two.

i can hardly stand it. love these two. they are 4 weeks apart in age, which makes it extra sweet to get them together a couple of times a year.

one year ago, we rendezvoused in fort wayne for a dinner night.

one year before that, we mini-vacayed at lake michigan, just 2 months after we introduced them to one another as infants during their visit to kansas city.

last weekend during a visit to indiana, owen and lucy were reunited once again. LOOKHOWCUTE. these two make me smile so incredibly big.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

a 26 month old's vocabulary

super owen! ah wetchu!: super owen! to the rescue!
to woody an' 'yon!: to infinity and beyond!
cancakes: pancakes
wee books: read books
fwock: clock (this one is an attention-grabber)
forfine: sport & spine
curse: purse
farn: interchangeable for barn and farm. :)
pulper: purple
pay tars ah me?: play cars with me?
carepy: careful

NO! No.eating.Owen's.cancakes! Un'ersand me?

Pay tars ah me? Huh mommy? Yes?

No no take bath. Owen too big.

I huunnnrreeeee. I want choc'ate cake!

We have transitioned from conversations that only Colby & I (and other family members) can translate to a vocabulary that even most outsiders can pick up most of what is being said. My little chatterbox is growing so much.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a long weekend visit from grandma.

last wednesday night, owen and i picked my mom up from the airport for a visit. we kicked her visit off with some authentic KC bbq from our favorite spot: oklahoma joe's. we had a storm and a double rainbow for an after-dinner delight!

owen loved having grandma visit. she was his live-in play-mate slave. she's such a trooper. they played cars and trains, built tents, gathered plants to make "salads", read books, raced down our backyard hill, and engaged in silly/ridiculous little conversations.

we kept busy. we had some KC barbecue, some of colby's smoked ribs, some homemade crepes, and pizza. we went to the farmer's market, the children's farmstead, the pool, a children's concert, and tiny toms shoe shopping. i took advantage of the free baby-sitting and ran errands. alone. with no time frame in place. we also took advantage of our live-in babysitter to attend a fabulous wedding celebration. 

my hot date for the night

some of my favorite people 

homemade chocolate shakes for my momma and i to do some back porch sittin'

a farmer's market find (it's a yam)

baby goat feedin'

some pool time with ella

can't resist the temptation that is water

a perty view from my saturday morning run

what a fun weekend we had! always hate to see my momma leave. owen has asked about grandma a few times since she's left. i think that's our hint that we are way less fun than she is. wah wah.

Friday, August 3, 2012

the pool.

in true olympic spirit, we're moving right on from our track and field non-success to our swimming success. a little sad that owen will not be joining me on any of my runs any time soon, but his daddy sure is excited to see him LOVING the pool this summer.

he's been training hard for the 2028 and 2032 olympics. check out my boy!!

what makes it even sweeter is that he LOVES it. by time colby gets him, he's trying to turn himself around to push right off again to swim back to the stairs. our biggest obstacle right now is that he doesn't come up for breaths. minor details. ;-)

he is also jumping from the side of the pool and making it to the ladder (very close by) on his own. he did this over and over and over and over and over... it wore me out just watching!

sure do hate to see his summer at home with daddy coming to an end next week!

now if we could only transfer this same drive and enthusiasm towards potty training..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the chicken run.

shortly after colby and i were married and moved to kansas city, we attended our first "chicken run" to cheer on our nieces in their races. this event is put on by our local deanna rose children's farmstead each year. they hold an awards ceremony at the end for the top finishers in each age group, and it's just the cutest thing. colby declared then and there that we would train our future children beginning at birth for this race. ;-)

this year, on a whim, we enrolled owen. 

look at that cute little peanut in his oversized t-shirt, and his race numbers pinned to his back. he's taking in the commotion surrounding him.

the morning didn't start off on a good foot when we had to take a trip back to the car after he had a meltdown while standing in line. we should have known at that moment that his race would turn out how it did.

here is my oh-so-serious little guy with his cousins before the races. 

since i can't figure out how to save the video directly to my computer for upload, you may view the video here! just wait for it, owen makes his debut after the crowds of happy running children pass. ;-)

in summary, this race hurt his feelings. i think our little buddy was overwhelmed by everything and, therefore, locked up. the report from the starting line goes that he was doing really well until it crowded up, and he took a few nudges and shoves which hurt his feelings. it was downhill from there. ;-)

we enjoyed watching the other kids' races, and even stayed for the award ceremony because addie placed 3rd in her group! proud of my cute nieces and my nephew!

as for my own.. we'll try again next year, bud. :)